How to Join

You join Servas as a member who can host or travel:

– when you host with Servas, you would usually host travellers in your home. However, there is also a day host category for members who can’t have travellers to stay overnight but can meet them to show them around, or perhaps to have a meal together

– when you travel with Servas, you can visit Servas members in other countries as well as your own country.

As Servas is based on trust between the host and traveller, all potential hosts and travellers are interviewed. Membership is renewed every year.

When you are accepted as a member you pay a membership fee and your details go into the host list (updated every year) for travellers to look up. When you want to travel, you pay an additional fee for a Letter of Introduction, and you will be sent the host lists of the countries you want to visit. You then make contact with the people you want to stay with.

How do I find out more?

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