Fee Information

Joining Servas Britain including admin. fee of £4

(See Notes 1 and 2 below)

Annual renewal of membership including admin. fee of £4

(See Note 3 below)

Member’s Letter of Introduction (LoI)

(See Note 4 below)

25 years & over 24 years & under 25 years & over 24 years & under 25 years & over 24 years & under

(2 members)

£12 £8 £12 £8 £36 £18

(1 member)

£8 £6 £8 £6 £18 £9

Note 1: There is an individual fee of £4 for becoming a member of Servas Britain. The fee is the same whether the new member intends to travel, is joining intending only to host, or only to be a day host. Payment of the membership fee confers (1) a right to purchase a Letter of Introduction (LoI) enabling the member to travel abroad; (2) a right to travel within Great Britain and Ireland without procuring an LoI and (3) a right to vote at the Servas Britain AGM.

Note 2: Entries in the Host List are made on the basis of Households, which may comprise one, two or more members. Each Household pays £4 when joining (and when renewing membership) to meet administrative costs.  The main administrative costs of membership are production of the annual printed Host List and its distribution to each Household.

Note 3: Commencing from the first year a member’s name appears in the printed Host List, each member must renew their membership annually for their name and details to appear in the following year’s printed Host List.

Note 4: Each member travelling must be named on a current LoI. A current LoI is one in which the date of the Servas International (SI) stamp falls within one calendar year of the date of issue of the LoI. Two or more members planning to travel together may procure one LoI naming each of them and having the requisite number of SI stamps. Children under the age of 18 travel on their parent or guardian’s LoI.