What is Servas?

It’s a different way to explore the world.

Servas is an international network for making contact with people from all over the world, set up over 60 years ago. The idea is for people to meet and talk to each other, which we believe is a good way to help promote peace and international understanding.

When you travel with Servas you have the chance to stay with people in over a hundred countries and to share ideas with them. As a Servas host you will welcome people of all cultures, races and religions into your home.

Servas gives you the chance to reach out across cultures to learn about what people have in common, and to appreciate how they do things differently.

Dalesbridge EventWho is Servas for? 

It’s for travellers who want to understand how other people live, work and think, and who want to find out about the places they visit from the people who live there.

Some Servas members belong to peace groups, others offer a commitment to peace in less formal ways, but all share a wish for a more tolerant and peaceful world. The spirit of Servas is that people are accepted as travellers and hosts regardless of their race, religion, or culture. Hosts and travellers are of all ages and from all backgrounds. Members are usually both travellers and hosts – although no direct exchanges are required – and must be over 18 to travel or host independently.

Servas Britain interviews all applicants before they become members.

Servas Britain is a voluntary organisation and limited company, run by its members, and is a non-governmental peace association with consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

For more information use the Contact Form or e-mail Servas Britain.