Travel Safely

When you’re travelling independently you want to enjoy your trip, but you also need to think about travelling safely.

Servas Britain aims to make sure that your Servas visit goes well, and so its policy is to interview hosts as well as travellers before they join. As Servas is based on trust between the host and the traveller, the interview is an important safeguard to ensure that new members – hosts and travellers – are responsible and open-minded, and that they fully accept the aims of Servas.

If you want more information about safe travel when planning your trip, these websites may be useful:

  • the FCO (UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office) site gives up-to-date travel advice country by country. Similar advice is offered by the Australian Government’s travel advice site  ‘Smartraveller’. If you are a British national, you may want to register with the FCO’s ‘LOCATE’ service, which is intended to ensure that embassy and crisis staff can provide better assistance in an emergency such as a tsunami or terrorist attack 
  • MASTA provides advice on keeping healthy while travelling and on vaccinations
  • Women on the Road gives tips and information for women travelling on their own
  • Tourism Concern gives advice and information on how to minimise the impact of travel on local cultures.

For information on planning your travel in the UK and Europe, see our Travel Links page.